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Clients learn about their core strengths, and learn how to tap into their innate abilities to overcome challenges and move forward in a positive way. The coach facilitates the client's progress, using motivational tools, strategies, listening skills, and helpful problem-solving techniques.

As Kate Larson, a highly accomplished life coach and author puts it, "It's about progress, not perfection." Wellness Coaching helps clients see that, taking small, manageable steps, they can overcome even the most daunting obstacles and succeed.

Wellness Coaching and Yoga are a wonderful fit, as both invite insight and self-understanding, and provide actionable tools for creating a life of well-being, balance and personal fulfillment.

Call or e-mail to make an appointment for a Wellness Coaching session, or to find out how Wellness Coaching can help you lose weight, reduce stress, or create positive and lasting changes in your life!

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Professional coaches are known for their ability to help athletes and executives reach their highest potential.
Now, professionally trained wellness coaches support clients as they move toward optimal health and well-being, by helping them develop and implement realistic personal wellness goals. The coach is there every step of the way
as clients identify their goals and choose the strategies that will lead to personal success. Small victories lay
the foundation for enhanced insight, self-esteem and

As part of the Wellness Coaching process, clients assess their readiness to change; i.e., they determine whether they are ready to take on the process of changing often long-held, self-defeating beliefs and behaviors, and move toward healthy goals. Clients are invited to create a Wellness Vision -- a picture of themselves at their very best. Sessions focus on helping clients create realistic goals that help them stay on track, making strides toward achieving their short-term and long-term wellness goals.


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