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  1. to make holistic healing approaches such as yoga and yoga therapy, meditation, breathwork, stress reduction, bodywork, yogic philosophy and lifestyle teachings, ayurveda, and other modalities accessible to people of all ages, whether they are in the best of health, or coping with health issues, musculoskeletal problems, stress, or other life challenges

  2. to provide professional training for those wishing to teach yoga or deepen their understanding of yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, philosophy and other healing arts

  3. to reach out to the community via workshops, corporate programs, school programming, lectures, presentations and volunteer efforts

Derived from the teachings of the great yoga master, Krishnamacharya, our classes are based on the principles of Structural Yoga Therapy™ and Viniyoga.  Our certified instructors help students enjoy yoga, overcome pain and limitation, and move toward a life of vitality – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual. All classes emphasize safe movement that honors each student's needs.

Our Center is a place of community where people of many backgrounds, traditions and interests gather, practice yoga and meditation, come for healing arts sessions, relax, learn, share, and grow. Our instructors also bring this sensible, respectful yoga to corporations, organizations, and schools.

There is a yoga each one of us can do ... and that yoga is the "yoga of living." At the Stone Center, we come together to find "our" yoga – a practice that will help us celebrate our vibrant aliveness in the best of times, and that will sustain us through times of personal challenge, growth and transformation.

our mission


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