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Always Grateful...

It's not just that the chronic pain from which I suffered for years has almost disappeared, or that it now takes me less than a week to recover from one of my periodic and now significantly less frequent back crises--as opposed to the months of doctor's visits and physical therapy previously needed. Or that I have lost weight without dieting. Or that I am less susceptible to ankle sprains. Or that I handle difficult situations with greater peace and focus than ever. It's not one thing. Yoga has changed my life for the better. Working under the guidance of Charlotte, who is not just incredibly knowledgeable, but also caring and compassionate-- as are each of the teachers with whom I have worked at the Stone Yoga Center--I have learned, and I have changed. My overall health, of body and mind, has improved dramatically. I have undertaken a joyous journey which is delivering the most unexpected gifts and for which I am and will always be grateful.

- Edvige Giunta
College Teacher and Writer
Teaneck, NJ

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