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Yoga with Charlotte is unique as she guides and inspires you to explore a safe practice that suits beginners as well as veterans. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology are evident as she tailors each class to her student's ability. There is never competition or judgment in the classes. Each student does their own practice according to their ability and progresses from there. With her personal style, patience and her warm heart, Charlotte masterfully and subtly weaves contraindications for each posture, so if one has high blood pressure, osteoporosis, specific back/orthopedic conditions or is pregnant, a variation is given. The students are supportive of each other and welcoming. On a personal level, I have never attended an exercise class with a teacher as genuine as Charlotte. Yoga practice has increased my strength, toned my muscles and centers my mind and soul on an entirely different level every time! I never hesitate to recommend Charlotte's private or group classes for many of my own patients, who have benefited tremendously from her classes as well!

- Dina Schwartzman MS, PT
Orthopedic Physical Therapist
Door to Door Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy in Your Home or Office

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