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About 8 years ago I came to the Stone Center for yoga thinking that yoga was a great way to exercise and relax a bit. Little did I realize at that time that the true practice of yoga is so much more than that.

Although I am not a "yoga teacher" strictly speaking, I do teach it as part of the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) I teach at the hospital with which I am affiliated. I came to study MBSR in the first place because Charlotte saw that there was something more that I needed besides formal asana practice.

I think that for me this was one of the reasons I completed teacher training with Charlotte. There are many wonderful yoga teachers out there who do a great job teaching their particular form of yoga, but it takes a gifted teacher with an open, flexible awareness to see what a student needs that might go beyond yoga practice and then be generous enough to open that door as well.

It is that generosity that exemplifies the true practice of yoga and Charlotte embodies that practice.

- Jodie Katz, MD, RYT

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