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I decided to pursue my certification as a yoga instructor because of the impact yoga had in my own life -- the overall sense of well-being I experienced after a class, the renewed energy and inner clarity and calm. As an oncology nurse, I hoped to be able to share this gift with my patients.

I looked at many yoga programs throughout the state in my search to find the one that would serve me best. The day I walked into the Stone Center for Yoga & Health and met Charlotte Stone, I had a feeling that I had found what I was looking for. The attentiveness and kindness of Charlotte and Jessica Kennedy -- senior program assistant and mentor -- made me feel welcome and at home. Charlotte's experience working with individuals with cancer and other chronic illnesses was just what I was searching for. I enrolled in the 200 hour Stone Yoga Structural Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2007.

This Yoga Teacher Training program provided me with a strong foundation in the essential skills required to be a good yoga instructor: an in-depth study of the skeletal and muscular systems of the body, proper body alignment and positioning, and the ability to assess and listen to an individual 's specific needs.

Since I graduated in 2008, I have been teaching a class for cancer patients and individuals with chronic illness at a local medical center near my home in Point Pleasant, NJ, and I occasionally sub at the Stone Yoga center. I continue to travel to Teaneck as often as I can for classes - for I always feel like I'm coming home, and leaving having learned something new...

- Christine Murphy, Registered Nurse, RYT

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