Claudia Colombo

Claudia Colombo first tried ashtanga yoga in 1994 and, like so many of us, practiced sporadically over the years. But she always found herself returning to yoga, especially during challenging times when she needed to regain balance in her life. Now as a teacher, she is motivated to help others discover the same authentic healing of mind, body and spirit, something she feels strongly should be accessible to everyone. Inspired to help others find their strength and explore their edge, Claudia creates a safe, warm and compassionate environment that also provides vigorous challenge. She teaches structural yoga, which she customizes with elements of hatha and ashtanga. Emphasizing meditation and breath work, she plays with sequencing to offer a dynamic flow that is fun and also very focused on alignment. 

Claudia strives to uphold the integral and essential tenets of yoga (seva and ahimsa) in all facets of her life: in her teaching and practice, as well as in her beauty and wellness business; in her work as a holistic nutritionist; and in community activities. She is a member of Yoga Activist, an outreach organization that helps allay the suffering of people in need through yoga. She is an ASPCA Ambassador - promoting, raising awareness and supporting the ASPCA in it's steadfast commitment to end animal cruelty. She  is careful to use only cruelty-free products at Fábula, her natural skincare and wellness center in New York City. Claudia is also co-owner of CrossFit Steam where she teaches yoga for  beginner and professional athletes. Her dream is to continue learning, evolving and sharing inspiration and resources about a holistic and healthy approach to life. 

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