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Diane Kappes, RYT, is a certified Stone Yoga teacher and registered Yoga Alliance instructor. She was first introduced to yoga at a time in her life when she needed to focus on her own wellbeing. Yoga impacted her life so much so that she wanted to deepen her practice; this inspired her to take the Stone Yoga Teacher Training program in 2011.  Diane teaches in the respectful, joyful approach in which she is certified, and she invites her yoga students to enjoy the many benefits (on and off the mat) she finds in her own yoga practice: greater strength, increased flexibility, and a calmer, more mindful, healthy lifestyle. She is deeply committed to providing a safe environment for her students, be it in the practice of the yoga poses (asanas), the breathing techniques, the relaxation techniques, or meditation techniques. Diane recently reached her 10 year anniversary with her 9-5 employer, where she is the Benefits Administrator and Chairperson for the company's Wellness Program,  promoting wellness across the organization. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is an organization she holds dear and has been supporting for over 14 years. She resides in Bergen County with her husband and two Beagles. She is grateful for the relationships she has developed at Stone Center and the wellness community. 

“It is exciting to know that this journey can go wherever your heart wants to take it.  There is no end.”