Judy Watkins

Judy Watkins, RYT200, is a certified Stone Yoga teacher and registered National Yoga Alliance instructor. Yoga called her to the mat about six years ago, and her passion for this mindful, yet powerful practice has continued to grow, sustaining and supporting her through times of challenge and triumph. Yoga has truly become part of her life on and off the mat. In her teaching, she especially enjoys sharing her accessible approach to yoga with those who believe that yoga may be too difficult for them. Judy believes that everyone can do yoga, and that it enriches people’s lives on every level -- physically, mentally and spiritually. With her unique combination of skill, detailed instruction, and quirky sense of humor, she helps each student find their optimal practice, safely and respectfully. Judy continues to study with Charlotte Chandler Stone, and is delighted to have the opportunity to bring the practice she has come to appreciate so deeply to the Stone Yoga Center.    

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