Coaching & Mentoring

You want to be the best yoga teacher or yoga therapist you can be. You want to have that extra edge that distinguishes you from the many other teachers in the yoga arena. What are you doing to hone your skills and reach your fullest potential?

Professional coaches are known for the ability to help athletes and executives reach their highest potential. Coaching and mentoring for yoga teachers and therapists does the same thing.

In our coaching / mentoring sessions, I work one-on-one with you to help you realize your full potential. Some of the topics you may choose to explore include:

  • Build a stronger knowledge base of anatomy and optimal movement
  • Develop your understanding of a wide range of conditions (osteoporosis, cancer, cardiac disease) and how to create therapeutic yoga experiences for your clients with these and other conditions
  • Build a larger yoga teaching reservoir
  • Art and science of creative, intelligent sequencing
  • Become a trauma-sensitive teacher
  • Develop your “voice” as a teacher
  • Become comfortable with public speaking & lecturing on your areas of expertise
  • Manage clients short- and long-term
  • Learn how to help clients identify goals, create an action plan, and move toward success
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