Private & Semi-Private Sessions

In the early yoga tradition, yoga was exclusively taught one-on-one, in order to tailor each session to that one student’s needs and interests.

While group classes are now thriving, private one-on-one sessions allow you to address your unique needs in an entirely different way.

You get to choose your focus, be it regaining flexibility and strength, working on posture, addressing a painful or chronic condition, a health issue, or even debilitating stress, and more.

The instructor works with you to identify your unique interests and goals, and tailors each session to help you to further your practice.

Some students simply prefer to work one-on-one, or together with a family member or friend, and we can make that happen, too.

And for yet others, the private session makes space for you to explore your practice, but also what’s on your mind; the instructor becomes a trusted coach who creates the space for you to express yourself and explore your truths more deeply.

After most sessions, your instructor will send you a flow chart with your personalized practice, notes, photos to help you remember alignment cues and, sometimes, a video to guide you through the practice between sessions.

Sessions can be from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

To inquire about private or semi-private sessions, please contact us:

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