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Of Passover, Easter, and … Yoga?

On the eve of Good Friday, Easter and Passover, I can’t help but stand in awe of the connection between Passover, Easter and yoga.

How’s that? Let me explain.

Easter celebrates the miraculous rebirth of Jesus. A dying, and a returning to life everlasting.

Passover celebrates a people’s move from bondage to freedom. A dying of the confined and restrained soul, to be reborn as a new nation.

And Yoga? Yoga is the discipline of freedom. Yoga celebrates our diligent practice, and our capacity for attaining “moksha” (spiritual freedom), by giving us a roadmap for going deep within, using Patanjali’s Eight Limbed Path as our guide. What dies? Illusion and attachment. What is reborn? Nothing less than the true self.

So, whatever your background or belief, celebrate this weekend, when so many energies flow together in such extraordinary synchronicity. Tell the story of the exodus. Share the promise of immortality. And practice yoga, and dance the dance of “moksha.”  Freedom.

Happy Holidays to All ! 
Of Passover, Easter, and … Yoga?
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