Musings from the Mat

Got Your Yoga Gps?

While updating my studio management software a few days ago, I happened upon a bit of information I’d never noticed before: the studio’s exact location. Oh no, I don’t mean the street, or city, or zip code. I’m talking latitude and longitude. Latitude: 40.9018649, Longitude: -74.0048757, to be precise. I know what you’re thinking: no […]

The Quiet Before The Storm: Breath As A Centering Force

Class is in session. But are you? You’ve had a crazy day at work (as usual). Your boss was critical and demanding (as usual). You have a headache that’s got your temples clamped in a vice-like grip (as usual). You battled traffic to get to the studio (as usual). You had to hunt for a […]

A July 4TH Meditation On Freedom

YOGA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY: KAIVALYA The Fourth of July is generally accompanied by serious BBQ-ing, way too many flyers in the newspaper, sales galore, and extra hours in the mall. Let’s face it: it’s hard to focus on the historic context of the day. But, if we choose to, we can take a moment to reflect on […]

Reduce Stress with 1:2 Breath Ratio

When life is stressful, slowing down the breath, especially the exhalation, can help bring renewed calm and a more relaxed state of body and mind. Here’s how … Sit on a chair, meditation cushion or yoga bolster, in a posture of comfort and dignity. You can also lie down on your back for this pranayama […]

Tips For Teachers: Where Do You Stand?

Do you always teach from the front of the yoga studio, with your students facing you? Of course, that’s where you would want to be … much of the time, unless you’re moving around the room to offer gentle assists or whispered words of encouragement or guidance. But there are some times when you could refine […]

Tools for Teachers: Giving (Even) Better Instructions

TOOLS FOR TEACHERS: Giving (Even) Better Instructions You’re teaching an awesome class. Textbook perfect. Everything’s going well. Until that one moment when you see the entire class turning THIS way, when you really wanted everyone to go THAT way. Argh!  It’s a common problem for yoga teachers, and one that’s easy to correct with a […]

Of Passover, Easter, and … Yoga?

On the eve of Good Friday, Easter and Passover, I can’t help but stand in awe of the connection between Passover, Easter and yoga. How’s that? Let me explain. Easter celebrates the miraculous rebirth of Jesus. A dying, and a returning to life everlasting. Passover celebrates a people’s move from bondage to freedom. A dying […]

Meet “The Yoga Agent” – Leslie Kaminoff & Ava Taylor  Good for you, Leslie and Ava! You call it the way you see it, Leslie (and yes, you got bleeped, oh well). And Ava, BLESS YOU for creating the space for us yogis to be more free to do what WE are meant to do, while you manage and network so that we can […]

Yoga for Osteoporosis – A Brief Intro

 Hi there Yogis, The Yoga Alliance has put out a call for presenters for its upcoming Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, October 25-28, 2012, in Indian Wells, California.  And I’m going for it! As part of the application process for being a session presenter, I had to submit a short video clip giving a sense of […]

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